Email Marketing Can Be Used To Create A Long Term Passive Income

It is often said that the only way to become totally financially independent is to build yourself passive income which regularly exceeds your normal living expenses. Wouldn’t that be great? But one such way to achieve this is through email marketing.

However the burning question is HOW is it achieved. Well very carefully and methodically are the terms that come to mind. You can do it in a number of ways;
1. You can send bulk emails through an bulk email sending company
2. You can build a list and send them offers which they may have an interest in.
3. You can build your list in specific niches by offering free gifts, ebooks or guides which are of value to your target audience

First of all, you need to find a list of people who are potentially interested in any offer that you are looking to sell to them. You can send email messages to paid lists that other people may have, but you must never use these contacts as your own property because they actually belong to the owner, you are just renting space for one or two emails to be sent. But if people from this list opt in to your offer then they are allowed to become your property but that is all.

Then you’ll need to set up an email auto responder using services such as Getresponse, Aweber or even one called Rapid Mailer from the membership site I mentioned in my earlier article. From there, you can schedule emails to be sent to your subscribers on a regular basis and when the need arises you can send what is called a broadcast. But please remember that too many emails will soon turn off your subscribers and they will become blind to your messages, just as too few emails and they will forget who you are. I tend to schedule my emails at once per week and then the broadcast when I think one is required, but Online Marketers all have different views on this so try them for yourself and see how you go. You only need to start at a basic package initially then increase it as your list begins to build.

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The series of follow up emails would ultimately depend on what product you are promoting. For example, if you are in the dating niche, you might want your first few emails to talk about dating tips and techniques for the first few days. After a week or so, you can then promote a product based around the dating niche which could appeal to your audience.

In your promotional email, you would talk about this latest product regarding your niche or promote a product belonging to partners for affiliate commissions. Inside the promotion email will be a link pointing to a sales page and this takes you to the product link and if the person buys through this link you get paid. The timing of the payments of any commissions varies depending on the outlet but it is usually with a month.

The traffic has to be sent to a single page website called a landing page or a squeeze page where you can collect your subscriber’s information usually just their name and email but more people are marketing to mobile cell phones so adding a further box couldn’t hurt. By them opting into your opt in box which is provided by the email auto responder service you have started on the path to success. Another method of attracting potential customers (subscribers) is to give them something of value, something like a book or a guide which is of interest to them for no payment, this is a great method for channeling or controlling your list into specific groups, like say Outdoor Sports, or Music Lessons etc then later you could narrow the larger niches further to something like Guitar lessons.

The final step of passive income automation through emails is achieved through attracting large amounts of online traffic or viewers of your website to better describe it. Passive income should ideally mean that you are not present and therefore should not involve you being there, so your traffic needs to arrive at your sales page automatically. In order to get sufficient traffic to view your offer, you might want to consider investing in some advertising or building your website thoroughly using the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques as discussed in previous articles.

Once you have built your list the whole system of enjoying passive income gets easier especially if you have been clever enough to find a hungry crowd of buyers, so that your list size gets built without you being there and you can send offers out to an interested group of people you can almost make money at will. But of course you need to nurture and look after your subscribers because if you neglect them someone else will be waiting to attract them to their list!

So this is how you are able to earn a passive living online, working from home or anywhere for that matter, just by building a large responsive list and sending regular emails, keeping them informed, offering free goods or services and offering sales products relevant to their interests. It may take time to build but it will be well worth it, once complete and this is where the popular phrase of “The money is in the list” comes from.

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