Who Else Wants To Work From Home?

Dreaming of Easy Money?

Dreaming of Easy Money Online?

Hello Again,

Yeah, I understand, Rather a silly question eh?

But at the end of the day this is the question that many people are asking themselves everyday or are searching for the magic formula to enable them to make money online. But the simple reality is that.


Well not without having a decent plan to follow and I’m not talking about a cheap plan that you could have found by some guy assuring you the earth for a little cost of $20 to $30. So time for a reality check guys. It WILL take TIME, MONEY and EFFORT to earn a living online.

There are plenty of thief’s out there who will promise you the earth in the hope that you will be desperate enough to make you buy a flashy sales page plan from them. The type of guy selling these type of plans are typically someone who you just can not count on to be there to hold your hand or to address the lots of questions that a rookie is likely to ask. Please please Don’t be that guy!!
Do not put anything on your credit card no matter what stories they may tell you.

No Such Thing As Easy Money

No Such Thing As Easy Money

Then there are the outright scam artist who’s sole purpose in life is to part you from your hard earned cash! It’s really irritating when I hear of it happening and even more so when I see it being done on the internet. Unfortunately the reality is that the majority of the so called home based business strategies are little more that that! a worthless strategy. All of it becomes a lottery where very few of the people ever earn money online. In truth for much of the time many individuals lose money hand over fist because they are desperately chasing the dream. This makes them vulnerable and an easy target due to the fact that they are always attempting to play catch up and will jump from one cash making scheme to another in the vein hope that the new strategy will work much better than the previous ones and they don’t want to admit defeat.
Does that sound like anyone you know?

Well I’m different, I’ve done things the hard way, definitely the wrong way and I’m now only concerned with the right way. I hate the fact that anyone can state whatever they like and get away with the outright lies. I’m concerned by the number of the many so called next big thing! guaranteed to make you rich! systems, encouraging people to sell to their family and friends to make a quick buck. They offer little in the way of training, usually expecting you to pay for advertising because there is a huge number of people searching for the easy profit.

There are even schemes encouraging you to send envelopes full of cash to them! How can that be right? But then there are still pyramid schemes cropping up everywhere. They do get slapped down and stopped eventually but quite often the top man has made his money only to hide the proceeds leaving many people down the line out of pocket wondering how this could have happened to them.

Don’t get me wrong here, there are good people out there in the online world people are genuine and are willing to show you the correct way of going about things to make a proper living online while at the same time working from home. But you do a search for the term Make Money From Home and see the thousands of entries that turn up. This is one of the biggest niches there is online because there are millions of people who would love to be able to work from home and to quit their normal job. There are people out of work already, single moms and dads, sick people who simply can’t work for whatever reason. The common problem that comes out time and time again and that is people are desperate and when people are desperate they will do almost anything. My heart goes out to them all. I too have made some bad decisions, I have been scammed, I’ve been hacked, I’ve been the victim of online crime, I’ve also made a few bad decisions in my own search for online riches.

When I first started, I bought a gardening website from ebay, I didn’t know anything about gardening or websites and what was required to make one pay.But I believed the hype and what I was being told. Plus the sales page looked great. I was also told that I would be taught and shown what to do, but in truth all I had was a small guide giving me only the basics and only a fraction of my knowledge now.

When this one failed I began to do more in depth searches in an attempt to learn exactly what I needed to know to make money online. It wasn’t long before I was approached by a firm offering me personal tuition and I was talked into putting the hefty fee onto my credit card and they promised they would work with me as much as possible until I was earning money. But it wasn’t long before the conference calls became less and less frequent and they eventually dropped altogether. Then I allowed myself to fall victim to another online scam, I was doing okay, I had learned little bits from here and there and some of the training had sunk in but I still fell victim to a guy who I had bought some graphics from, we got chatting and he gave me some advice for free and really seemed genuine, it wasn’t long before he offered to assist me for a fee of course, then he told me he was on hard time, his kid was sick and needed medication which he couldn’t afford, I ended up sending some cash via paypal because I felt sorry for him. Then he didn’t pay it back and I’ll just say that our relationship broke down, he is still around selling his wares and I do keep updating a scam site entry but I don’t feel that I could name him here. So be warned and be careful.

I understand the problems now because I have actually been that guy, I have tried to earn money online for a number of years before the penny dropped and I discovered the secret to earning real money online. It rarely turns out that you get what you think you are getting especially when you are new to earning money online because that’s all you want to do, so for some reason we miss the fact that some of the instructions are missing. How are you to know? You only find out once you begin to learn how all the pieces actually fit together, you know, a+b+c+d+e + Cash!

All this takes time to learn so don’t believe what you are constantly being told, it is definitely not easy just to buy a product and start churning out money and I don’t care who it is that I upset when I say this. You need all the knowledge before you are safe to be let loose with a website. You could almost do with going through night school for a few months before you are allowed online because in many cases all you are doing is cluttering up the internet with bits of rubbish hat eventually lie dormant and clog up the works.

Ok with hindsight I was really wet behind the ears like everyone when they first begin trying to learn any new skill. But once you have been online for a couple of years you do get to know precisely what works and what doesn’t. But finding out all that takes time and there is no way around this.

So basically, your little empire would go something like this;
Decide what your niche is going to be
Collect Key words or phrases for your niche
Begin to build a list to a squeeze page you have built and uploaded and is linked to your auto responder in order to collect subscribers to your list.
Build your main website fully SEO’d and add articles and other relevant content to it.
Create and build links to other quality website pages both to and from your website on various pages. (But you are rarely told exactly how to do this, back to the half knowledge problem again)
Submit your website to the search engines complete with a site map
Submit quality content to Article directories (again with your webpage links in your resource box).
Join quality forums and begin to add comments and answer peoples questions on topics related to your niche. (This is a way to build your links:))
Begin to add Advertisements to your website with your affiliate links using Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, JVZoo and Ebay etc.
Either Buy Traffic, give away quality products, offer a good service and become involved in Social media in the same ways as forums.

All the above actions take effort, time and money. You can do it yourself or you can pay someone else to do some of the tasks for you. Personally I would suggest that people do learn each of the steps themselves since it is much better that you fully comprehend how each part works, then you progress to the next action until you have fully understood them all. Hopefully once you have established a good amount of regular traffic your commissions should begin to build up.

Once you have got that far you could consider adding new streams of earnings or your portfolio. You could also consider building small websites with a view to selling them on sites like Flippa, although they would be worth more if you can demonstrate a good flow of traffic to them already and any earning would be a bonus for you and additionally increase the sites value. In fact once you have begun to make money online you will be able to outsource many of the time consuming actions that are without doubt the secret to making money online.

I am now a firm believer in getting to know people online who you may come to trust or to follow for a while so that you can see his methods and approaches to business online. I have now been taught by individuals who have been doing the exact same steps or the same system for a number of years with success. I also belong to a number of membership sites and specialist SEO guys who have really put the icing on the cake for me, so that I have now been earning a consistent amount now for over a year.

I would recommend a system such as The Affiliate Power Group

This membership system is run by a team of like minded people who have actually started from scratch and have learned for themselves precisely what works and what doesn’t. In addition they have actually been doing this for a good number of years and have actually shown to themselves and others that their system really works. The membership allows you to work at your own pace along with other people who are just like you so there is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about your lack of knowledge. So providing that you put the required amount of effort in to your studies, you should be making money online along with other members of the group.

click me

Just a word of caution here, because it is a serious point. Many people fail, because they simply do not keep up the required work levels or they get tired, fed up or think they have seen a better system, who can say but this does occur frequently.

I will say just one more thing prior to I close and that will be to begin little and gradually expand your empire as you discover and don’t move onto another topic until you have actually understood the current one. This in my book is the only way to go.

The Affiliate Power Group is the Best Home Biz Guide That I mention and one which I openly promote, I have actually been a member of the affiliate power team for a number of years now and I can ensure that you will get value and you can begin earning money almost immediately if you wish by advertising there services yourself, but the main point is that you can learn the ropes as you go without many of the other pressures that can exist if you went it alone.

Until Next Time, You Take Care
To Your Success

Kevin Lyle

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Email Marketing Can Be Used To Create A Long Term Passive Income

It is often said that the only way to become totally financially independent is to build yourself passive income which regularly exceeds your normal living expenses. Wouldn’t that be great? But one such way to achieve this is through email marketing.

However the burning question is HOW is it achieved. Well very carefully and methodically are the terms that come to mind. You can do it in a number of ways;
1. You can send bulk emails through an bulk email sending company
2. You can build a list and send them offers which they may have an interest in.
3. You can build your list in specific niches by offering free gifts, ebooks or guides which are of value to your target audience

First of all, you need to find a list of people who are potentially interested in any offer that you are looking to sell to them. You can send email messages to paid lists that other people may have, but you must never use these contacts as your own property because they actually belong to the owner, you are just renting space for one or two emails to be sent. But if people from this list opt in to your offer then they are allowed to become your property but that is all.

Then you’ll need to set up an email auto responder using services such as Getresponse, Aweber or even one called Rapid Mailer from the membership site I mentioned in my earlier article. From there, you can schedule emails to be sent to your subscribers on a regular basis and when the need arises you can send what is called a broadcast. But please remember that too many emails will soon turn off your subscribers and they will become blind to your messages, just as too few emails and they will forget who you are. I tend to schedule my emails at once per week and then the broadcast when I think one is required, but Online Marketers all have different views on this so try them for yourself and see how you go. You only need to start at a basic package initially then increase it as your list begins to build.

Get Started Today For Only $1! – AWeber Communications

The series of follow up emails would ultimately depend on what product you are promoting. For example, if you are in the dating niche, you might want your first few emails to talk about dating tips and techniques for the first few days. After a week or so, you can then promote a product based around the dating niche which could appeal to your audience.

In your promotional email, you would talk about this latest product regarding your niche or promote a product belonging to partners for affiliate commissions. Inside the promotion email will be a link pointing to a sales page and this takes you to the product link and if the person buys through this link you get paid. The timing of the payments of any commissions varies depending on the outlet but it is usually with a month.

The traffic has to be sent to a single page website called a landing page or a squeeze page where you can collect your subscriber’s information usually just their name and email but more people are marketing to mobile cell phones so adding a further box couldn’t hurt. By them opting into your opt in box which is provided by the email auto responder service you have started on the path to success. Another method of attracting potential customers (subscribers) is to give them something of value, something like a book or a guide which is of interest to them for no payment, this is a great method for channeling or controlling your list into specific groups, like say Outdoor Sports, or Music Lessons etc then later you could narrow the larger niches further to something like Guitar lessons.

The final step of passive income automation through emails is achieved through attracting large amounts of online traffic or viewers of your website to better describe it. Passive income should ideally mean that you are not present and therefore should not involve you being there, so your traffic needs to arrive at your sales page automatically. In order to get sufficient traffic to view your offer, you might want to consider investing in some advertising or building your website thoroughly using the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques as discussed in previous articles.

Once you have built your list the whole system of enjoying passive income gets easier especially if you have been clever enough to find a hungry crowd of buyers, so that your list size gets built without you being there and you can send offers out to an interested group of people you can almost make money at will. But of course you need to nurture and look after your subscribers because if you neglect them someone else will be waiting to attract them to their list!

So this is how you are able to earn a passive living online, working from home or anywhere for that matter, just by building a large responsive list and sending regular emails, keeping them informed, offering free goods or services and offering sales products relevant to their interests. It may take time to build but it will be well worth it, once complete and this is where the popular phrase of “The money is in the list” comes from.

Until Next Time

Warmest Regards

Kevin Lyle

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Can Anyone Make Money Working From Home?

Work From Home or Anywhere else

Work Online From Home or Anywhere else

What a question that is..It's also the answer to the very question that many people think
as they gaze into the bottom of their beer glass following yet another bad week at work.
It just seems these days that with cut backs and generally high unemployment that anyone
in the workforce no matter that maybe, is being asked, no expected to work harder or longer
for much less take home dollars than we did a few years back.

So What's happening? Where has the big dream gone wrong, plus if that isn't bad enough, it
looks as though we are all going to have to work longer than the standard retirement age too!

So who can blame anyone for dreaming about quitting that job, firing the boss and starting
your own business from home, working on your own terms, being your own boss and winning that
dream back and living life on your own terms.

So back to that question Is it possible to work from home and earn a living? The answer guys
is both YES and NO I have to say this because the chances
of anyone making a success at working online are really very slim indeed. I'm not saying this
to put anyone off but it is the sad truth that almost 95% of the people who start up a new
online business fail for one reason or another.

Of course their are many success stories out there too, if you can really believe their
stated figures because often, they may be fabricated or at least exaggerated in the ploy
to get you to join their system or training plan, it is really hard for people especially
to people who have never tried an online business before and they may be susceptible to
the glamorous sales copy of these work at home schemes or in some cases scams!

So time for a little hard truth for anyone who is thinking of Working Online
Firstly and especially if you have never used your computer for anything more than to
Google up information to help you out once or twice in the past few years, then you are
likely to go through a tough learning curve.

You will have to learn a number of new skills and once you have done so, put them all
together into the final plan.

There are different ways to make money online and some people will have you believe
that you can jump straight in and sell your friends and colleagues the same plans to
earn a commission. This may be true in some cases but you can bet they won't be your
friends for long.

So take your time and discover the different ways of making your living online before
you jump straight in, otherwise you may just as well gamble with your stake.

One of the key secrets to any new internet business success is taking action, it is
absolutely vital to maintain this action on a frequent basis, otherwise all your efforts
will be wasted! So rather than getting overwhelmed with all the internet marketing strategy
and information, then feeling like you are being pulled in every possible direction with
many different internet online marketing "gurus" telling you to do a trillion different
things at once and leaving you dizzy and wondering which one you should focus on first.

So take it easy, the thing is there are probably thousands of things which you can do as
a New Internet Marketer but just doing one single thing will not work get your
new website noticed you can't just build a website and expect visitors to show up to buy
your wares and neither will doing many things just once because you will probably get
yourself bogged down. So you must be prepared to learn to select a few key tasks and then
do them repeatedly in order to see results and these results don't happen overnight it
takes time to build trust and provide content that is of use to your target audience.

But some people do get impatient, they lose focus and go off to make the same mistakes
over and over again. This is a sure fire way to never becoming an internet marketing success,
but it is without doubt the biggest reason for people quitting the internet marketing business
before they see results, but unfortunately it is the way that most people end their dream
of online success..

So doing things that will bring your business benefits in terms of traffic, conversions and
sales WILL definitely help you to get your website noticed. This is the reason I've put together
these simple steps for you to learn, take and make your own to do list. Even if you only have
half an hour available each day, you should be able to put one small plan into action and tick
it off as completed together with the date and time that you did so.
It doesn't matter if you are a complete newbie with no marketing or technical skills, you should
be able to follow one of these plans, put it into action and begin to see your results begin to show!

I'm even going to break then down into either one of two plans per post leaving you with enough time
to get busy putting it into action before you receive the next one, therefore leaving you with little
excuse for not doing your homework. OK?:).

Each of the marketing plans have been designed to:.

Bring a direct benefit to your online business.
Be straightforward enough to complete in 30 minutes or less.
Be easy enough to complete without any background marketing or technical knowledge.
Cost you minimal outlay.

Begin to build a basic website and try to select a niche that reflects your chosen market
showing the correct header and media. It is now that you need to correctly apply Search
Engine Optimization techniques which means applying your niche rich key words in the
appropriate areas of your websites back office. Get this wrong and the chances pf getting
your site ranked at all will be extremely low.

You now need to consider protecting your website from people who will try to steal your
money, your hidden keys and passwords, and generally cause havoc at the very least by hacking
your website and costing you time and money to put it right. So take time now to find out
what you can do to protect your site by using plugins if you are using wordpress or do your
research if you have another type of installation. You need to protect your site from malware
and use extremely strong passwords of at least 10 keys and a good mix of hyphens,upper and
lower case letters and numbers. I personally use Roboform which is a login and password
generator it also keeps them safe and restores them when you need them.
A true blessing in disguise. Some of the WordPress Installers create a standard "admin" for
the username this also makes it easier for the hackers so stop this and either create a new
user with a non-descript username (not your name or any other easy to guess term like your
website name.

Research Your Selected Niche.
Whether this is something you do yourself or chose to outsource you need a supply of good
content, both written and media and video if you can source the right niche area. A dozen
or so to begin with and then you can add to this over time. I would suggest you do this
yourself initially as it will give you a degree of understanding for your market. Once
you have built up a good number of informative articles you can move on to your next task.

Get Back-links To Your Website. Getting good quality back-links is one of the essential
building blocks that will create a strong foundation for your new Internet Marketing
. It will help to increase the overall search engine rank of your website.
There are lots of well known ways to get back-links, including article marketing, directory
submission and link exchange. The aim is to find a higher page rank website within your own
niche and either ask them for a link exchange which is not always easy to get, or you make a
constructive comment on one of their post leaving your resource box containing your website link
behind to be discovered.

You also get backlinks if someone from another website makes a comment on your one of your posts
leaving their resource box containing their links so you see how it can work both ways?
Then the web bots discover and record these so assuming that the content is good and relevant
then the links help to lift you website up through the rankings

More of these to follow shortly.

To Your Success.

Kevin Lyle.

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