Can Anyone Make Money Working From Home?

Work From Home or Anywhere else

Work Online From Home or Anywhere else

What a question that is..It's also the answer to the very question that many people think
as they gaze into the bottom of their beer glass following yet another bad week at work.
It just seems these days that with cut backs and generally high unemployment that anyone
in the workforce no matter that maybe, is being asked, no expected to work harder or longer
for much less take home dollars than we did a few years back.

So What's happening? Where has the big dream gone wrong, plus if that isn't bad enough, it
looks as though we are all going to have to work longer than the standard retirement age too!

So who can blame anyone for dreaming about quitting that job, firing the boss and starting
your own business from home, working on your own terms, being your own boss and winning that
dream back and living life on your own terms.

So back to that question Is it possible to work from home and earn a living? The answer guys
is both YES and NO I have to say this because the chances
of anyone making a success at working online are really very slim indeed. I'm not saying this
to put anyone off but it is the sad truth that almost 95% of the people who start up a new
online business fail for one reason or another.

Of course their are many success stories out there too, if you can really believe their
stated figures because often, they may be fabricated or at least exaggerated in the ploy
to get you to join their system or training plan, it is really hard for people especially
to people who have never tried an online business before and they may be susceptible to
the glamorous sales copy of these work at home schemes or in some cases scams!

So time for a little hard truth for anyone who is thinking of Working Online
Firstly and especially if you have never used your computer for anything more than to
Google up information to help you out once or twice in the past few years, then you are
likely to go through a tough learning curve.

You will have to learn a number of new skills and once you have done so, put them all
together into the final plan.

There are different ways to make money online and some people will have you believe
that you can jump straight in and sell your friends and colleagues the same plans to
earn a commission. This may be true in some cases but you can bet they won't be your
friends for long.

So take your time and discover the different ways of making your living online before
you jump straight in, otherwise you may just as well gamble with your stake.

One of the key secrets to any new internet business success is taking action, it is
absolutely vital to maintain this action on a frequent basis, otherwise all your efforts
will be wasted! So rather than getting overwhelmed with all the internet marketing strategy
and information, then feeling like you are being pulled in every possible direction with
many different internet online marketing "gurus" telling you to do a trillion different
things at once and leaving you dizzy and wondering which one you should focus on first.

So take it easy, the thing is there are probably thousands of things which you can do as
a New Internet Marketer but just doing one single thing will not work get your
new website noticed you can't just build a website and expect visitors to show up to buy
your wares and neither will doing many things just once because you will probably get
yourself bogged down. So you must be prepared to learn to select a few key tasks and then
do them repeatedly in order to see results and these results don't happen overnight it
takes time to build trust and provide content that is of use to your target audience.

But some people do get impatient, they lose focus and go off to make the same mistakes
over and over again. This is a sure fire way to never becoming an internet marketing success,
but it is without doubt the biggest reason for people quitting the internet marketing business
before they see results, but unfortunately it is the way that most people end their dream
of online success..

So doing things that will bring your business benefits in terms of traffic, conversions and
sales WILL definitely help you to get your website noticed. This is the reason I've put together
these simple steps for you to learn, take and make your own to do list. Even if you only have
half an hour available each day, you should be able to put one small plan into action and tick
it off as completed together with the date and time that you did so.
It doesn't matter if you are a complete newbie with no marketing or technical skills, you should
be able to follow one of these plans, put it into action and begin to see your results begin to show!

I'm even going to break then down into either one of two plans per post leaving you with enough time
to get busy putting it into action before you receive the next one, therefore leaving you with little
excuse for not doing your homework. OK?:).

Each of the marketing plans have been designed to:.

Bring a direct benefit to your online business.
Be straightforward enough to complete in 30 minutes or less.
Be easy enough to complete without any background marketing or technical knowledge.
Cost you minimal outlay.

Begin to build a basic website and try to select a niche that reflects your chosen market
showing the correct header and media. It is now that you need to correctly apply Search
Engine Optimization techniques which means applying your niche rich key words in the
appropriate areas of your websites back office. Get this wrong and the chances pf getting
your site ranked at all will be extremely low.

You now need to consider protecting your website from people who will try to steal your
money, your hidden keys and passwords, and generally cause havoc at the very least by hacking
your website and costing you time and money to put it right. So take time now to find out
what you can do to protect your site by using plugins if you are using wordpress or do your
research if you have another type of installation. You need to protect your site from malware
and use extremely strong passwords of at least 10 keys and a good mix of hyphens,upper and
lower case letters and numbers. I personally use Roboform which is a login and password
generator it also keeps them safe and restores them when you need them.
A true blessing in disguise. Some of the WordPress Installers create a standard "admin" for
the username this also makes it easier for the hackers so stop this and either create a new
user with a non-descript username (not your name or any other easy to guess term like your
website name.

Research Your Selected Niche.
Whether this is something you do yourself or chose to outsource you need a supply of good
content, both written and media and video if you can source the right niche area. A dozen
or so to begin with and then you can add to this over time. I would suggest you do this
yourself initially as it will give you a degree of understanding for your market. Once
you have built up a good number of informative articles you can move on to your next task.

Get Back-links To Your Website. Getting good quality back-links is one of the essential
building blocks that will create a strong foundation for your new Internet Marketing
. It will help to increase the overall search engine rank of your website.
There are lots of well known ways to get back-links, including article marketing, directory
submission and link exchange. The aim is to find a higher page rank website within your own
niche and either ask them for a link exchange which is not always easy to get, or you make a
constructive comment on one of their post leaving your resource box containing your website link
behind to be discovered.

You also get backlinks if someone from another website makes a comment on your one of your posts
leaving their resource box containing their links so you see how it can work both ways?
Then the web bots discover and record these so assuming that the content is good and relevant
then the links help to lift you website up through the rankings

More of these to follow shortly.

To Your Success.

Kevin Lyle.

    JVZoo Product