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Let http://cashlegs.com be your online guide to Internet Marketing and Working from Home whether you have experience or not there are thousands of ways to make money online. You can have multiple streams of income if you wish or just one. I will show you examples of a number of methods to making a living online whether full time of just a few hours each week.

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Follow A Proven Blueprint To Make Real Cash Online

It's true! In Order To Make Real Cash Online, You Need To Follow A Proven Blueprint!

I have been floundering around for the past five years searching for the rich pickings that I had been told we're readily available online and all you needed to do was to set up a basic one-page website and send a little traffic to it and hey presto! The cash came flooding through.

However, in the real world things are just not that easy are they? Seriously, folks, I have been through many of the methods of earning money online and while I have been able to earn small amounts of cash here and there it has never been consistent or reliable but it has been difficult especially in the early years when you didn't have the knowledge you do require in order to run an online business.

Let me ask you a question if it was possible to have the knowledge up front, even at a considerable cost, but you have a fully guaranteed method of making regular crazy money at the end of it, would you be willing to pay that price?

Yeah, I know, if someone is offering that it would be easy to say Yes wouldn't it? But when it comes to the crunch how many of you would pull out your wallet and blindly hand over that payment. The real point here is that if any of you have spent a couple of years searching for an income online then I'd like to bet that at least half of you have fallen prey to many of the scams that exist out there.

I recently opened an email which appeared to offer just that, a fully documented and proven system that assuming if all the instructions were followed and you also had the benefit of a coach that you stood a very good chance of earning excellent financial rewards as a result.

Just watch this presentation from Matt Lloyd;

So I took that challenge and I went through the steps and followed the blueprint, the sales materials and the tools themselves would be worth a considerable amount alone. I would also have to say that everything was very professionally done. The training modules which are provided are also excellent and well made. This information is not free by the way there is an up front cost of around $49 plus a regular monthly fee of $19 to be paid, although the monthly fee can be dropped at any time if you wanted to.

This system is called "The 21 Steps" and it was the brain child of Matt Lloyd who is himself a multi-millionaire and his organisation is called "MOBE" You can take the 21 steps for yourself if you wish just go here or check out this promotional video
As you go through the system it becomes plain that in order to advance further you are going to have to decide if you want to be licensed to sell the products of MOBE and if you do you are going to have to pay out $2500 and at this level you are awarded the Silver accreditation but as a special incentive and an inducement to make a fairly quick decision to buy the next level is also included giving you the position of Gold Membership.

I took the decision to pay for this level as I reasoned that the value of the tools and software alone are worth that much and the very generous rewards for promoting these packages means that you could earn up to $1250 for every person that signs up to Gold level. Then, of course, there is more to come as the coaches and the steps open up to show you how you could be earning much much more if you are willing to sign up to Titanium level, Platinum level and finally Diamond level, and you would then be able to take advantage of earning up to the level you are at but not more. So this means that if I signed someone up to Gold, I could expect commissions to Gold but not say if someone advances straight to Diamond.

The costs associated with buying into the Titanium level would be $9,997 in addition to any previous fee such as the $2,500 I paid. The next level would then be another $16,667 and finally Diamond level a further $29,997. But beware Matt states that NO REFUNDS are given. Now whether you may feel this is worth the expense only you can decide this and there are certain benefits that go along with each level because each stage comes with its own Mastermind which boils down to a seminar at some exotic getaway such as Hawai or Las Vegas where you would spend between 3 and 11 days of in depth training on all manner of subjects which are designed to propel your business to dizzying heights that many of us can only dream of having. The air fares are yours to pay but once there all other costs at the resort are paid for and you do get the option to stay for an additional day if you wish.

The only negative I felt throughout the steps was that I felt that I was expected or obligated to borrow in order to buy at the highest level, now while I can see the obvious benefit of buying into this effective blueprint no one should be encouraged to borrow money to pay for something that may never happen for any number of reasons. I did feel that this was irresponsible, no-one should be forced into debt in this way. Matt Lloyd explains this in one of his daily talks, he calls it leveraging, and he explains that you should take advantage of the 0 percent interest usually given by credit card companies as an inducement to take on their card. It was for this reason I opted to stop at the Gold level, but others may disagree, you must decide for yourself, whether to join at all and at what level to select and there are very good reasons for doing so, but you must be one hundred percent focussed and treat it as your main business.

Someone once said "The world is your Oyster" I'm not sure who or why or even what it means but I take it to mean that the rest is up to you, take a look and get involved and maybe someday we shall even get to meet. Drop me a line if you want to work together.

To Your Success

Kevin Lyle

There is a very good Income Disclosure Statement on the MOBE Pages which go into a great depth talking openly about who earns what and why people fail in any business, not just MOBE, You can see this here.


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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Cash Online

There are plenty of methods to make cash online today and countless people are making a fair amount of earnings right from the convenience of their own home. But the problem is finding out exactly how are they earning this money?

 One thing they all have in common is that they all have a successful Web Presence.

Perhaps you want to make a part-time income from home or even begin a full-time Web business. Or maybe you're a parent who wishes to stay home while earning money and still be able to look after the kids. Another scenario which many people fall into is maybe you're ill and tired of the "rat race "and you need to calm down with your own home based business.

Whatever the reason, you can select one of the methods of making money online which I've listed below to get started.


Extra ways to make money online

1. Offer In-demand Services To Other Business Owners                Many individuals earn money online while offering in-demand online services which other Web business owners require on a continuous basis. These in-demand services include Web hosting, domain name registration, web design, and content writing. Every new site must have a Web host, domain, web designer and material. These services are readily available everywhere online, but luckily, there's always room for a couple of more! Online users are starting new Internet organisations every day. So, the capacity for earning money online with these services is significant. You can start from scratch with these services or discover a business that enables you to resell its services and products. For instance, rather of establishing your own servers to end up being a Webhosting, you can become a reseller of hosting services and share a part of the profits. With this setup, your primary job is to promote the service. The moms and dad Webhosting company does the rest.

2 .Enhance A High Street Presence                                                                                                                                          If you currently own a high street company, you can broaden it using an online website. If your business has its own site, your customers can browse the web to get more information about you, purchase your items or ask questions. It's a fantastic way to market and develop consumer trust. Also, you can discuss your site address in all your print, television and radio advertising to optimize results.

3. Start a"Niche" Web Organisation                                                                                                                                  Many individuals begin little Web businesses that reflect who they are or exactly what they delight in. The word" niche" took on an entirely new meaning when the Internet came into existence. A niche market can be anything you want it to be, such as an online flower shop, online classic automobile club, online magazine, online clothes store, online shopping mall, online picture stock company, online candy store, online quilt outlet, or an online shoe shop. Pick something you that you might take pleasure in doing and discover a method to develop that idea into a small Internet organisation around that style. Don't let the word"small" fool you, owning a small company is a fantastic way to make money on the Internet!

4. Earn Money Online Through Auctions                                                                                                                       Don't have time to handle a site? Attempt online auctions. You can sell just about anything on eBay and other Internet auction websites, however, make sure you choose a market that has a strong demand. Some products sell well through auctions, some do not. Likewise, make certain to select a product with a high-profit margin so you do not lose money each time you note your products.

5. Offer Internet Marketing Services                                                                                                                                        Online company owners are always looking for reliable methods to promote their websites. If you're a smart Internet marketer, this business uses a significant loan opportunity for you. You can earn good money online while assisting others to increase their profits. Internet marketing today includes online search engine promotion and SEO, Web content and optimization for post pages, pay-per-click projects, keyword research, press releases, banner and pop-up advertising, e-zine and newsletter, and link exchanges. You can focus in on these ideas and strategies for all classifications of business.

These are just 5 proven ways to make cash online, but there are plenty more. Each of these opportunities can offer a stable stream of earnings if you work diligently to promote your online business and services and constantly offer exceptional customer service. Utilize these concepts to make yourself unique and begin generating your income today!

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6 Ways To Make Money At Home

If you are looking for ways to make money on the web, you are one of thousands. As the web continues to expand, so does the competition making it tough to have success. However, despite the stiff competition, there are a variety of ways you can earn money in the house. Here are 6 ways you can make money at home today. 1. Start a website Beginning a website is essential if

you want to generate income

on the web today. There are a variety of ways you can earn money through your site from affiliate programs to selling your very own item to online advertising. Having a site is the basis to having success through your very own home. 2. Freelance jobs Freelance tasks are ending up being progressively popular online because of the
versatility and options you
have to make money on the web. Freelance jobs allow you to make loan doing something that you are already good at as oppose to discovering a whole brand-new career. There are a number of freelance tasks that are readily available online consisting of freelance writing, ebook writers, graphic developing and copywriting. 3. Online marketing As pointed out above, online advertising is a fantastic way to make money in your home. The very best method to tackle earning money

through marketing

is by establishing google advertisements or yahoo advertisements. Google adsense is without a doubt the most common, and if used properly it can be a real cash maker. 4. Offer your own product Selling your very own product can possibly make you the most money, however it is the most time-consuming and most hard method to make cash on

the internet. There is a lot

of research study, preparation, marketing and promoting that is included with selling your own product. However, if you are determined and figured out the benefit deserves the work. 5. Affiliate programs Affiliate programs are fantastic ways to make loan online, however it is a method that ought to be combined with other things. While you can make a decent quantity through offering other individuals’s stuff, it is tough to

make a decent income solely through affiliate programs. 6. Post composing There are a couple of methods you can earn money at house with article writing. The very first method is to utilize post composing as an advertising approach. By putting your site link in the resource box, you can direct individuals who

read your short article to your site. The other alternative is to establish a post writing organisation and compose posts for other individuals’s websites. It doesn’t take much to get a company going, but the tough part is getting the word out about your service. There are actually hundreds of ways to make money in the house, but these are a few of the more typical approaches utilized today. Bear in mind that there is nothing incorrect with combining a few of these approaches to help make money in the house quicker.

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Making Money Online: It’s Relatively Easy When You Know How!

Generating income with your online business is not as difficult as it may initially seem. For those who are new to the web, the prospect of needing to learn about this entirely new world may seem more than challenging, but there’s truly very little to it. If you want to find out and are ambitious enough to benefit from the chances that are offered to you earning money online will end up being force of habit to you.

For many people, knowing where to start is half the fight. One needs to be informed of the choices offered if one is to make great decisions. Reading this post is a start– it must give you a quick introduction of exactly what you can do to make money online.

Before you being, however, there are some fundamental concerns to address; some heavy thinking to do. You have to comprehend exactly what you are entering, so regarding prevent disillusionment and regret later.

1. Clarify in your mind what you wish to accomplish. This is one of the most fundamental action you will have to take. Generating income online will be much easier if you understand precisely why you are doing it. Remember, you will have to work for the cash, so you might as well have an excellent reason for wanting to acquire it.

2. Make a fast survey of the possible ventures you can get involved in, according to your ability level and available resources. If you are an expert in a specific field, you can take advantage of that competence into an opportunity to make cash online. In an international market, you are almost particular to discover somebody who will want to engage your services.

3. Select just the best projects; the ones with the best potential customers for you. This does not necessarily imply that you join the program that assures one of the most rewards– frequently such rewards are illusory. It will be far better to choose a recognized business with a proven track record– at least you make certain that you will be getting the rewards you should have, not merely working to fatten the pockets of a scam artist.

4. Offer it your all. You most likely do not have to be informed this, however the amount that you make online will be commensurate to the worth you have actually produced. Making money online is very little different from generating income offline– you will need to work to obtain anything. Whatever it is you decide to do, nevertheless, do not stop trying to find methods to improve. Always aim to offer it your best shot, and on the next go-around, aim to make your best even better. In this method, you will develop a reputation for excellence– and by then you definitely will not have any difficulty making money online.

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Latest Home Based Business Ideas

These days there are many methods to make money and the internet has opened an entire brand-new world for those aiming to make money. Making additional money online is simple and truly requires nothing more than a little time. Everybody could use money and making it online is the best way to get it. So exactly what are the latest house based organisation concepts ?? The 3 hotest methods individuals make additional money online: surveys, checking out emails and auctions.

Source: Flickr

Latest home based company ideas Number 1: Generating income by doing surveys. This idea is rather basic and it needs some effort. There are numerous opportunities to make money through studies, but some business do not actually pay loan, however rather offer rewards. If the goal is to make loan then the individual ought to cautious look over the website to make sure they do pay loan. Beginning refers signing up at the survey website then expecting surveys to come via e-mail.

Most current house based business ideas Number 2: Reading emails. This is another terrific method to make some extra money. Like surveys, though, some pay with prizes instead, so make certain to examine that out. Some companies offer you an email address and each time you check out an e-mail you make money. Others send out e-mails to your e-mail address and spend for you reading them. Some business send out e-mails daily while others may just send them out on event. Some examples include EmailCashPro, TopSurfer. etc

Most current house based company ideas Number 3: Auctions. Auctions are a popular method to make cash online nowadays. Nearly anything can be auctioned off. There are many well recognized auction websites. Most require a fee to put items up for auction, but the fee is very little and normally when the product sells is well worth it. There is a lot of competition in auctions so knowing the best ways to write an excellent selling advertisement is essential. A popular site is eBay

These are indeed the current house based organisation concepts for making extra money online. It is making individuals extra money everyday. In most cases it involves simply signing up then getting to it. There are no high costs and most importantly each can be done whenever, wherever and however. There is a lot freedom and versatility and plenty of money to be earned. Have you got some ideas of business to start from home?? So get started and you will seeing some additional earnings streaming to your pockets monthly.

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Ways To Make Money At Home- Turning A Concept Into A Business

Description: You might have innovative and novel concepts that you think may revolutionize the method people work. Or it maybe something simple that helps enhance people’s lives. Well, why not turn this concept into an online organisation and discover ways to make money at home?

Withdrawal Proof from AdClickXpress (ACX) - No. 11 (2017)
Source: Flickr

Things you need

You might have any principle in your mind that is brand-new and interesting. Nevertheless when it pertains to making it a truth– a full-time company– it’s a whole brand-new arena. To turn it into among the methods to make loan from home you require perseverance and dedication. It includes not simply having prior programming experience, however also the understanding and know-how on the functions of the Web. To find methods to make loan at home you also have to know the best ways to ‘market’ or offer your website. Then you have to discover ways to bring in traffic to your site, making the material fascinating and having advertisements to boost ways to make loan at home. Pay Per Click projects, SEO methods and banner advertisements– all play a part in helping you earn good profits online. This is among the easiest ways to make loan from house without doing any genuine effort. The advertisements keep bringing in incomes and methods to make money from house even though you’re not selling anything on your website.

Offering your concept

Your principle possibly the most dazzling ones around, however if you can’t offer it to others, there’s no chance you will discover ways to make cash in the house. To sell your concept or concept you have to have intriguing short articles that entice customers to visit your site. You also essentially have to develop a requirement in the minds of customers for your product and services. This is absolutely a sales-oriented technique. Apart from this, affiliate online marketers can help you discover methods to make money from house– they do the marketing and recommendations while you get the customers and the money!

Training and workshops

Another one of the methods to make money in your home utilizing your principle is by providing training to other individuals. Of course this can be a paid service you offer where you perform workshops and training sessions. Let’s say you want to present a site for all woolen products, you could discover ways to make money in your home by having workshops on the best ways to knit or weave. This is another one of the ways to make cash from home. Once you find that your workshop is a success with people, you could even write a small e-book on the best ways to knit or dos and do n’ts of making woolen garments. By doing this you can offer your e-book and discover new ways to make money from house. The concept to making a concept an effective business truth is to churn out a great business strategy and execute it wisely.

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New Forms of Income Making Strategy from the Internet: How to Make More Money Online

You might have read posts about ways to start an
online company. Whatever here will define on how
you can start making money. However, you have to
consider that organisations doesn’t just need to make
money on the start, it should be able to make money
each time and working hard to make it succeed and
last for a long period of time. So, here are brand-new kinds of earnings
making strategy from the web. With these pointers,
you can be sure that you will have the ability to generate income
from the web more effectively than before.

Ad Click Xpress Withdrawal Proof #332
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First of all, you need to keep in mind that quality of
your services ought to always be your leading priority. If
you only serve individuals with great quality in the
start of your company and you continue to do the
very same thing over and over once again, then your organisation
will not grow.

You need to remember that individuals are never satisfied.
And, since of this reality, you have to discover innovative
methods to keep your old clients loyal and draw in brand-new
customers. Doing the exact same thing over and over once again
will not assist your service prosper. Constantly remember
to think of new and ingenious methods to serve your
customers better.

The quality of your products must not only be kept
at a specific level, however you have to enhance it. By
making the quality of your products much better and better,
you can be sure that increasingly more people will buy
your items and you will stay competitive in the
market. Not just that, you will keep your old customers
devoted to you.

Another money making strategy that you must constantly
keep in mind is that you have to have a wide range of
things to sell. For instance, if your online organisation
has to do with offering articles, then try selling a range
of posts.
This suggests that you should not only offer
posts with one particular subject you should also provide
offering posts with different topics.

To make your online organisation look more legitimate, you
try hard to make your site to look professional. If
this is exactly what you are aiming to do, making a website
look specialist is not enough. To make it look even
more legitimate and professional, try developing and
including your own logo.

With this, you will have the ability to get more people to buy
products from you as your website will be thought about
to be more credible.

Although some people thinks that logos are just a
wild-goose chase, you have to consider that
individuals tries to find these things as it will ensure them
that the company is legitimate. Besides, if you work
hard in creating your organisation logo design, people will tend
to believe that you are dead serious about your

Connecting to more individuals is another technique that
can help you make more cash in your online organisation.
Attempt to market as much as you can. Get people to
subscribe in your website, and once they do and you
get a hold of their contact details, always send
them newsletters about your online company and the
brand-new items you are providing.

These are some of the brand-new kinds of earnings making
techniques from the web. With these things, you
can be sure that you will earn more cash from your
online service and also make it more effective.

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Making Money Online May Be Much Easier Than You Think

There have actually never ever been more individuals thinking about discovering how to generate income online then today. The good news is, there have never ever been more ways to make money online as well. If you have a desire to make cash on the Web, you have an unmatched number of choices in the best ways to continue.

The function of a Webmaster for your internet enterprise - decent Herald
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Some common methods to make cash online these days is to obtain spent for surfing the web or filling out online surveys. It’s quick cash, but undoubtedly somewhat restricted in terms of effort needed. A much less labor-intensive method to make loan is set up your own website and join affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs are a system set up by merchants that pay you considerable commission when you send them paying consumers through your site. It’s a great deal for merchants and affiliates, and an excellent way to make significant loan online extremely rapidly.

Don’t stress, setting up a site of your own has never been less expensive or simpler. And nowadays, you do not even require your very own site at all to make loan online. You can take advantage of a range of techniques and techniques that can get you began making money on the Internet immediately.

In order to get started on your journey to making cash online, you need to first be sensible in your expectations. Understand that making money online is similar to making money in other business– you’ll generally start little and gradually develop your income over time as you improve at it. It’s really uncommon for people to begin making countless dollars online within a year (although it has actually been done! ).

One fantastic aspect of generating income online is that the cost of entry is so low. It’s possible to begin totally in the black, without needing to purchase any upfront expenditures such as office or products. All you truly need is a computer system and a Web connection. And you can do whatever on your own; you don’t have to employ workers or depend on anybody else.

It is very important however that you don’t let an unfavorable frame of mind hold you back. A common reaction to the idea of making money online is, “I do not believe I can” or “It’s not possible. ” One of the most important secrets to making money online is to think that it can be done, which you can do it. Many individuals do not even try, or simply give it a weak effort and quit prematurely.

It’s a reality that millions of people are earning money online today even while millions more think that it just can not be done. Obviously, there is a disconnect someplace. It’s most likely that the majority of people who are making money online more than happy to hear that many people believe it’s not possible … it merely suggests less competition for them!

The Internet has drastically changed many people’s lives all over the world. It’s the one method to make money that does not depend upon education level, or people connections, or status, or perhaps experience. A years earlier, it would have been difficult to envision the a lot of possible ways to make cash online readily available today. Whether part time or full-time, people from all strolls of life have actually found financial success and freedom online. If you have the desire and desire to learn new things, you too can be part of this growing trend of online company.

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The Shiny New Object Syndrome

The Shiny New Object Syndrome!

No Such Thing <a  href=

As Easy Money" width="300" height="225" /> No Such Thing As Easy Money

Yes, I know for a fact that many of you will have been guilty of saying 'OMG' The Shiny New Object! (whatever it was) you will have experienced "the shiny new object syndrome"

I know I have and still do on occasions become transfixed when you read, see or hear the shiny new object which takes your fancy for whatever reason.

But STOP!  It does you no good.

Whatever it is, the chances that you may already have it, or
something like it or certainly very similar to it sitting on your
hard drive collecting dust for the last couple of years.

You would be amazed if you only took a peek back there in your old
files and just had the chance to view some of the old sales pages
going back two to three years, I'm 99.99% sure that you would willingly
sign up again for the same product which you would swear that this was
the one product which would do as it says and get you earning five figures
each month wherever you are..

Am I Right?

Well okay maybe not in everyone's circumstances, but I am sure that the
figure would be very high that out of the recent 3 to 4 recent purchases
made by you that half of them would relate very closely to something that
you have bought previously some years back.

But you are not alone in this, it is a very common feature among those of
you who are chasing the dream of obtaining online wealth!

Why do you think that people often say to you "That the money is in the list"?
It is because that the people on a list or several lists will make repeat
purchases from that same list, another acronym is "a market/list of hot hungry
buyers" Its also very true.

You would also be shocked at the fact, that is if you had a mind to, you could
revamp a products to which you had already sold 1 to 2 years previously and that
you have a high chance of making at least a third amount of sales from the same
people who had purchased from you previously.

You may find that shocking but unfortunately its true.

Dreaming of Easy Money?

Dreaming of Easy Money Online?

So why do we do it?

It's because many of us are still trying to hit it big! and we are on the look
out for that special something that will do it for us, but we cannot stop the
search we cannot resist the pre-sale promises of quick and easy riches.

We are doing this rather than getting stuck in to learning the information
which we already own, we just need to trust in one product and to follow
the instructions until we have finished and been through it again.

At that time and only then if we have tried everything and it does not work,
at all should we begin to look again. But we won't will you, yes you.

I have been guilty of it in the past, but I have now seen the truth behind
empty promises, the lies. Plus I have seen just how much cash I have wasted
over the years and it's not a pretty sight.

So whether you believe me or not, you should at least try to remember this
post, because it might just save you a fortune.

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Black Friday Sales

What Are Black Friday Sales?

If you have not heard of Black Friday Sales over the past few years then you must be a recluse. Originating in the USA, Black Friday has quickly become known as one of the busiest days of the year for retails outlets both on and off line.  It is a day where you have the possibility to enjoy huge discounts or bargains across a broad variety of merchandise.

This event started out life as an online only promotion to allow various online outlets to promote their wares using attractive discounts for new and existing customers on a specific day of the year in November. It was a fantastic hit for the sellers and and a fantastic day for savings for the savvy shoppers and this day became known as Black Friday.


Black Friday Sales

You can get items for yourself, your home or even gift items, I use it for just about anything I might need, and some pick up gifts for their Christmas shopping list. I understand that Black Friday began purely online but as it grew in popularity it quickly spread to high street shops and stores. Now it has reached many other countries and it represents one of the busiest shopping days of the year for many outlets.

Now you hear of Black Friday Specials being done on the high streets of England and America as well as many of the big names in Supermarkets. Obviously it is rare for every single item in the store to be offered at greatly reduced rates but these headline rates will get more customers through the doors or the tills both on and offline, but the outlets are hoping that you will buy a few regular priced items too. That is the main aim of this event.

Just pay attention to the larger online stores like Amazon and retail stores like Walmart (Asda) for deals on this day although many outlets are extending Black Friday Sales now extend to the whole weekend or even longer in some instances. Separate brand name printers like HP are expected to sell for less than $30. GPS Navigation devices will be available for up to fifty percent off.

Those of you involved in the online world whether involved in Affiliate Sales or Website Building may well find that you can access all manner of online goods and services being bundled up and sold for pennies on the dollar and overall represents great value


Black Friday Sales For All

Televisions are another big ticket item to watch out for, you can get 32 to 56 inch HD TVsl for $150 or even less. Canny shoppers will be able to find items for the whole family or property, you just need to be prepared to hunt around for the best bargains.

You'll find items under the Martha Stewart collection and the Hotel Collection. You can find these deals for as much as $100 off their top end designs. Expect savings in household cleaning items like vacuum cleaners.

One of the vacuums you want to look for is Dyson, because of their quality and reputation for longevity. You'll be able to find them online or at places like Kohl's for about $75 to $100 off the standard retail price.

Jewelry is another product where you can make huge savings during Black Friday Sales, however many analysts urge consumers to avoid buying jewelry during this time because the biggest sale months for jewelry are in March and August.

Another point I feel I should mention here and that is one off restraint, if you don't actually need something then don't buy it! It is only a bargain when you need an item and you get it much cheaper than you originally thought. It can be all too easy to jump from one shopping outlet to another thinking of the huge savings that you are making, so just think before you buy.

Another top day for sales online is now termed Cyber Monday which is the Monday following Black Friday, where online retailers often report that they have seen more activity than during their Black Friday Sales period.


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How To Select Targeted Keywords

When You you are actually telling everyone who is interested in that subject where to go to find information using highly targeted keywords.


Making Money Online Blog Requires Excellent Keyword Research

If you have been trying to be successful with any kind of online marketing you will certainly have heard the expression "the money is in the list" but another one is just as vital to your business which is "Do Your Keyword Research Properly".

This is going to be critical to your future success in pretty much any type of online business, so whether you're looking at Blogging, MLM, PPC or AdSense, or any other kind of online marketing business. Doing keyword research properly is a key part in your future success.

So why is keyword research so critical?
Well the answer to that depends on a number of facts, to begin with you need to attract the right kind of visitors to your website. You're not going to obtain much traffic if you are using the incorrect key words. Whether you're utilizing PPC or search engines to get your traffic, your key phrases are going to affect your position and also link efficiency.

Another reason that key words are so critical is that you need concentrated targeted traffic to find your website. It doesn't matter if you were to have over ten thousand site visitors coming to your site, but if they are the wrong sort of traffic you are still not going to make a cent.

You see, if you were to select the work "book" as your keyword, you may get plenty of visitors interested in books generally but that's it, NO SALE. However if you were selling https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Shakespeare Books and you were to select "William Shakespeare books", if that's exactly what you're offering, then your visitors may be fewer but the ones to visit your website will be those with a strong interest in William Shakespeare and who may well be in the market to make a purchase.

You can even go for more targeted key words by adding in more detailed words such as the name of a specific book

excellent-keyword-research-get shoppers-and-buyers-together

Shopping Online Requires Good Keyword Research Skills to draw in exact buyers

because anyone searching for that specific phrase is possibly prepared to purchase something appropriate to that phrase. So by inserting specific phrases as well as the word you are targeting, you may find the hot buyers ready to make a purchase rather that a visitor simply browsing the internet.
You. will need to research the keywords carefully once you've selected a specific niche. You'll need to decide on the keywords to use in the titles and the content especially if you're composing reviews. If you're developing particular niche web sites, you could make use of your keywords in the domain if relevant, although this is may not always be possible. But you will certainly need several targeted key words and phrases relevant to your website, but do not repeat yourself too much as this would affect your results adversely. This is why you could have a list totalling a hundred or so and you would select 3 to 4 different phrases and spread these through a number of articles and other types of content for your site.
There are a number tools that you can use for key word research, such as Wordtracker. They have a great and completely free keyword tool at http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com which is great if you are just starting out.

Google also have their own key phrase tool, although they do not show you numbers. They just offer you a basic suggestion of the searches a key words gets, as shown by a colored bar: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal.

You'll initially prefer to go into the basic key words for your niche. For example if you're targeting the golf niche. You might get the word "golf" into the keyword phrase of your choice. This key word phrase will reveal to you a variety of relevant key words. Also Check Out This Article

You may find "golf clubs," "golf ideas," "golf swing," "golf bags," "golf carts," and also "golf links." This is only a short list of the broader terms. However you should aim to produce a longer list of key words that you can use over the coming months or even years in various articles etc, so grab them all! But for the top prize of deep targeted key words which will aim to pull in buyers who are completely interested in buying the product you are selling.

Once you have mastered this skill then you can go onto learning another, but if you get this skill under your belt there is no reason why you cannot control exactly what type of person visits your website as well as being able to select a targeted buyer for your products.

Just check out the videos below where you can actually see the whole process in easy to understand language;



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Paid Online Writing Jobs

This Craigslist Ad Is Looking for People Who Will Post Fake Yelp Reviews for Cash (nymag)

**What about fringe benefits?**
Jezebel stumbled across this horrible ad that manages to combine two arenas with the most potential for abuse on the internet, Yelp and Craigslist. A help-wanted entry posted in the Los Angeles site’s “writing/editing jobs” section offers “qualified” Yelpers $7 each for every quick, five-star, copy- and-paste job they post. In return, of course, the shady service’s clients get a boost with their presumably subpar ratings.
It’s very simple, apparently, and your new employer will even “forward you the pictures” to accompany all that made-up and flowery praise:
> We are looking for Yelpers who are interested in making money part time working from home publishing Yelp Reviews we receive from our client’s customers as testimonials!
We will:
Forward you the business page
Forward the comments
Forward you the pictures.
All you have to do is copy the comments and place a 5 star review for the businesses we ask you to place the review for — and that’s it!
You get paid for each review we send you and place that becomes recommended and not filtered.
This shrewd use of the phrase “Yelp Reviews we receive” seems to be the poster’s way …

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Streams of income are the best ways to create long term wealth

Checkout this writing course below;


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Real Paying Writing Jobs Online

How Freelance Writers Can Find Good-Paying Online Jobs - Make A ...

Virtual Assistant Business Tops The List of Businesses to Start in 2013 (blogspot)

It’s no secret being a business owner can be one the most rewarding ventures ever. After all, you get to be the boss, make all the rules, and make a great income—all at the same time, right? It doesn’t get any better than that! Of course that comes with a lot of hours, a lot of sweat, and a lot of sacrifice. Nonetheless, over 20 million of us do it and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

One of the most hottest businesses to start, according to a recent article in Home Business magazine (December 2012 issue) is a Virtual Assistant business. If you’ve been following the industry and the top businesses to start listings for any length of time you have likely noticed that a Virtual Assistant business has been high on many lists in recent years. Why? We would say that is due to rising popularity and ease of entry if you have the right skill set and expertise. And, there is minimal investment for getting started.

As we shared with Home Business magazine, “Virtual Assistants partner with his/her clients and learn about the client’s business to become a trusted and valued …

The Ultimate Guide On Finding The Most Well-Paying Writing Jobs Online


Streams of income are the best ways to create long term wealth

Streams of income are the best ways to create long term wealth

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Make Money Online Blogging

Dev comedy jam: Cultivated Wit's Hack Day chases laughs, not dollars - Engadget

EngadgetDev comedy jam: Cultivated Wit's Hack Day chases laughs, not dollarsEngadgetSomehow, they cobbled together $7,000 in sponsorship money and got around 60 participants. It was "very ... Through the next three Comedy Hack Days -- two more in 2013 and another earlier this year -- they learned a few tricks, like hiring real event ...

Blogging Nuns, Tweeting Monks, And The Catholic Church's Digital Revolution (fastcompany)

Do you believe in... The power of Facebook to fan the flock's passionate flames?
In 2006, Julie Vieira was getting ready to take her vows to become a nun. As she browsed the web, it became clear to her that nuns had an image problem on the Internet. Read Full Story.

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How to Start Blog

How to start blogging with Microsoft Word - PCWorld

How to start blogging with Microsoft WordPCWorldWe'll show you several ways to write and publish blog posts directly from Word, using the tools and shortcuts you already know. While the this tutorial is written for Word 2013, the necessary features are available in all versions starting from Word 2007.

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Writing Jobs From Home

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Microsoft CEO: Women shouldn't ask for raises (w/video) – Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Microsoft CEO: Women shouldn't ask for raises (w/video)Santa Rosa Press DemocratIn this Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014, file photo, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaks to students at the Talent India 2014 program in New Delhi. Nadella's foot-in-mouth statement that women shouldn't ask for raises echoed throughout the tech industry and …and more »

The Worst Legal Advice Ever, Presented By A Clueless Blogger For An Insurance Company (Techdirt)

The internet is chock full of bad legal advice, but it's a bit odd to see it posted on a site for a large insurance company. Insurance company The Hartford* apparently has a website full of "small business" advice. This, by itself, is not a bad idea. Providing good content that people want is something that many companies should be doing. But the key here is "good content." Which brings us to the following article that's been passed around a few times among lawyers on Twitter. Officially, it's an article describing "5 Easy Ways to Get Sued Over Online Content & Social Media" written by Deb McAlister-Holland. Here's the stunning thing about it: nearly every word in the thing is _dead wrong_. Honestly, there's so much that's flat out wrong that we wouldn't even have the time to go through it all, unless we did basically nothing else today. So we'll just pick a few of the more ridiculous low-lights. It starts off with an unsubstantiated claim that the CFAA is the cause of "much of the rise in litigation," but then jumps right into the fire with a discussion on copyright infringement that …

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Writing Jobs | olubunmi - Nelson


Streams of income are the best ways to create long term wealth

Streams of income are the best ways to create long term wealth

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Blogging Definition

Falcons' Matt Ryan Is the Definition of a Clutch Quarterback - Blogging Dirty (blog)

Blogging Dirty (blog)Falcons' Matt Ryan Is the Definition of a Clutch QuarterbackBlogging Dirty (blog)Fact: Matt Ryan is the most clutch quarterback in the NFL. When you look in the dictionary, you'll see that the definition of the word “clutch” is a picture of Matt Ryan. The Atlanta Falcons have a Tom Brady in this kid. When the Falcons are losing in ...and more »

When Bloggers Need a Break From Blogging (blogherald?format=xml)

Blogging is easy, so many people say. But anyone who actually blogs to reach their goals and succeed knows that blogging can be a daunting task at times. While the definition of goals and success may differ from blogger to blogger, at the end of the day, one needs virtual elbow grease to get where […]
The post When Bloggers Need a Break From Blogging appeared first on The Blog Herald.

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Content writing jobs online | Website content writing | Ghost writing

Does the right to a peaceful death extend to the young and depressed? – The Australian

The AustralianDoes the right to a peaceful death extend to the young and depressed?The AustralianNo proof was necessary to access the list of “reliable” suppliers willing to ship drugs on confirmation of payment. On the … Proudly gay, he was finishing a graphic design degree and looking for part-time jobs without success. Mary had …. When …

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How To Make Good Money Online From Home By Writing ...


Streams of income are the best ways to create long term wealth

Streams of income are the best ways to create long term wealth

    JVZoo Product

How to Make Money Blogging

Cash a la mode: How style bloggers are turning social savvy into six-figure ... - CNN

CNNCash a la mode: How style bloggers are turning social savvy into six-figure ...CNNBloggers are now earning money from Instagram too. RewardStyle's LIKEtoKNOW.it app sends followers who like an Instagram photo an email with ready-to-shop links of featured products, paying bloggers a small percentage if a sale is made. "Right now ...

Olivia Fox running blog: Completing a marathon the biggest feat of my life (runningtriathlons)

Editor's note: Olivia Fox is a junior at Roosevelt High School. Fox finished the Des Moines Marathon on Sunday as a member of the Iowa Kidstrong-sponsored See-Us Run Des Moines group. She has been blogging about her experiences. Her final entry is today: "When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top." Running […]

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Paid for Writing Online

Paid Online Writing Jobs | Facebook

Fayette adds online options for paying water bills – The Citizen.com

Fayette adds online options for paying water billsThe Citizen.comTo meet the needs of a growing number of local residents who no longer do such arcane things as writing checks, putting them in stamped envelopes and placing them in the mailbox, the Fayette County Water System is implementing a new system that will …

Searching for the Good Life in the Bakken Oil Fields (AtlanticBusinessChannel)

An eight-year oil boom in North Dakota has drawn thousands of investors, laborers, and fortune-seekers. But from behind the counter of a local truck stop, it’s unclear just how much anyone is winning.

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Paid Online Writing Jobs Review |Is PaidOnlineWritingJobs.com Scam ...


Streams of income are the best ways to create long term wealth

Streams of income are the best ways to create long term wealth

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Best Free Blogging Site

Top 8 free blogging sites and a total list of 220 Best Blogging ...

Complete NaNoWriMo 2014 With Time Management Tricks & Distraction-Free ... - MakeUseOf

MakeUseOfComplete NaNoWriMo 2014 With Time Management Tricks & Distraction-Free ...MakeUseOfCompleting the challenge – for that is the best way to describe it – is tough, as entrants need to work to a minimum of 1,666 words per day. Given that some literary legends would stop their day's work when they ... Donations and purchases from the ...

6 Must Have Mobile Tools for Bloggers (bloggingpro)

In August 2011, 72.2 million Americans connected to social networking sites or blogs on their mobile device, which is 37 percent higher than in the past year, states a study by comScore. For bloggers, a smartphone is not just a way to update on-the-go. It's also a great way to connect with readers. If most of […]

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Best Free Blogging Sites | PCMag.com


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Article Writing Jobs Online

Granger on Movies: 'Gone Girl' – Fairfield Citizen

Fairfield CitizenGranger on Movies: 'Gone Girl'Fairfield CitizenShe's a Harvard-educated, literary celebrity known as "Amazing Amy," who moved with him to Missouri after they both lost their writing jobs in Manhattan. Seeking solace with his twin sister, Margo (Carrie Coon), with whom he owns a local bar, Nick …and more »

Job Descriptions (Hrevolution)

I've just read a post where the writer advocates writing accurate job descriptions to ensure applicants aren't disappointed with their jobs. Here it is:
"I know this article is going to be controversial because businesses that rely on employer and recruiters are very reluctant to admit, that the customer isn’t always right. If employers do not put what they are looking for accurately in the job description they can’t expect to find it. It is like going on a road trip through New York State with a map of Arizona. Good luck.

In my experience as the President and Founder of several online career centers and an HR Consulting company, the vast majority of disappointed employers tend to complain about the unqualified applicants who apply to their jobs. However, the root of the problem is really the unclear job posting. The employers complain that the unqualified candidates who apply to their jobs are wasting their time but in fact it is them who are wasting the candidate’s time. All of the articles I read in the marketplace are for candidates helping them write cover letters, format their resumes and conduct a job search. Nobody does anything …

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Streams of income are the best ways to create long term wealth

Streams of income are the best ways to create long term wealth

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SEC to Pay $30 Million Whistleblower Award, Its Largest Yet – Wall Street Journal

SEC to Pay $30 Million Whistleblower Award, Its Largest YetWall Street JournalThe Securities and Exchange Commission said Monday that a foreign tipster will collect a record whistleblower award of more than $30 million, more than twice as much as the highest previous award. The award came less than a week after Attorney General …and more »

How Bitcoin Could Save Journalism and the Arts (TIME)

Micropayment systems have the potential to reward creativity and exceptional content—on a realistic scale.

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Streams of income are the best ways to create long term wealth

Streams of income are the best ways to create long term wealth

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Commodity Trading Charts

Reduced Commodity Trading Indicates Dire Days Ahead

Bumpy ride for bitcoin traders – Resource Investor

Bumpy ride for bitcoin tradersResource InvestorThe U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is playing-catch up with bitcoin. The CFTC held a meeting in Washington yesterday, to learn more about the cryptocurrency, we read on CoinDesk: Panelists for the CFTC event included Coin Center …and more »

Loonie and Aussie Share Downward Bond (forexblog)

In yesterday's post (Tide is Turning for the Aussie), I explained how a prevailing sense of uncertainty in the markets has manifested itself in the form of a declining Australian Dollar. With today's post, I'd like to carry that argument forward to the Canadian Dollar. As it turns out, the forex markets are currently treating […]

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Online Futures Trading Tools


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Commodities Trading for Dummies

Oil prices plunge again, but there's a reason you'll want to hold off cheering – fox6now.com

Fox6now.comOil prices plunge again, but there's a reason you'll want to hold off cheeringfox6now.com“Energy was a star performer January through June. Now it's taking all the air out of the market,” said Joe Saluzzi, co-head of trading at Themis Trading. Demand fears spread: A confluence of factors have teamed up to open a trapdoor beneath the price …and more »

What Internet Marketers Can Learn from the NFL Debacle (JohnChowDotCom)

Football is a pretty big deal in many parts of the United States with millions of people glued to their televisions on any given Sunday. The National Football League (NFL) has done a fantastic job of building the sport almost […]

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Real Paid Surveys Sites

Finally Real Survey Sites That Pay - Global Survey Group | Paid ...

The 25 Most Meaningful College Majors – Forbes

The 25 Most Meaningful College MajorsForbesAs part of their 2014 – 2015 College Salary Report, Payscale.com asked survey respondents if they feel that their job “makes the world a better place,” using the percentage of respondents in each field who said they derived a “high” level of meaning …and more »

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10 Companies that Pay You to Take Surveys at Home


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These pastors have the highest salaries in North America – Deseret News

These pastors have the highest salaries in North AmericaDeseret NewsLarge churches in the South tend to pay their senior pastors the highest salaries, a new survey finds. That's one of the conclusions on churches and finances released Tuesday by Leadership Network, a Dallas-based church think tank, and the …and more »

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Get Paid To Take Legitimate, Highest Paid Online Surveys For Money


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Highest Paying Surveys

With changes in leadership and funding, the splashy 'iZone' reaches a crossroads – Chalkbeat New York

Chalkbeat New YorkWith changes in leadership and funding, the splashy 'iZone' reaches a crossroadsChalkbeat New York“I'm waiting to see where the iZone's going,” said Scott Conti, principal of New Design High School, an iZone school. With the new … Officials have pointed to surveys that show some iZone students developed research skills and became more motivated …

Engineer tops list of most in-demand majors for high school seniors (bizjournals)

As the nation’s infrastructure continues to age and companies look to adapt architecture to fit environmentally sustainable ambitions, high school seniors seem to be taking a proactive approach to entering the workforce where they are needed most. Engineering was recently selected as the most in-demand college major for graduating high school seniors in a survey conducted by Careerbuilder.com. Currently, there are around 1.6 million engineering jobs that pay $42 per hour in median wages, according…

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Women's basketball: New league offers hope for professional game – BBC Sport

BBC SportWomen's basketball: New league offers hope for professional gameBBC SportAnd it sees a solid return on that investment with one of the best participation levels among young people. According to the latest Active People Survey from the funding agency, 172,000 14-25-year-olds play the sport at least once a week, surpassed …and more »

Detroit found to have most expensive car insurance, Charlotte least (Autoblog)

Filed under: Etc., Ownership

It seems like a lot of bad news comes out about Detroit, MI. With the city's massive financial woes now a given, a newly released study commissioned by Insurancequotes.com is bound to add to the negativity. The study finds that people living in the metropolitan area around the Motor City are paying the highest car insurance premiums by a huge amount, compared to the 25 largest cities in the US.

The study based its findings on the estimated rate for a driver with a bachelor's degree that traveled 15,000 miles a year and had "no breaks in coverage, a $500 collision and comprehensive deductible, state minimum liability coverage and full PIP coverage." For people who resided in the Detroit metropolitan area, which includes Warren and Ann Arbor, MI, they would pay 165 percent more in premiums than average. That was far and away the highest in the survey. Areas considered traditionally hard on cars like New York City and Los Angeles were 36 percent and 25 percent above average, respectively. You can check out an interactive map on its website.

According to the study, there are two major factors that make the …

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The Paternity Test: Rocking from 'Frozen' to 'Freebird' – The Times-Picayune – NOLA.com

The Times-Picayune – NOLA.comThe Paternity Test: Rocking from 'Frozen' to 'Freebird'The Times-Picayune – NOLA.comHappily, my children's rooms are still free of any pop culture imagery whatsoever. … The adjacent passenger car is far more accommodating, with free coloring books for all. … Singer Johnny Van Zant surveys the audience and declares it "a Skynyrd …

Here's How Much Caregivers Pay Out-Of-Pocket (Forbes)

A survey finds helping a family member can derail your retirement.

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Paid Survey at Home

Definition Of Big Firms Changing – The National Law Journal (registration)

Definition Of Big Firms ChangingThe National Law Journal (registration)More than half of 25 firms that generated the largest revenue in the Washington metro area in 2013 paid attorneys $160,000 a year, according to an NLJ survey. Williams & Connolly paid first-years the most, at $180,000 — which also qualifies as the …and more »

Twitter seeks to borrow up to $1.5B in debt (Venturebeat?format=xml)

Twitter is raising money — debt money — and is seeking between $1.3 billion and $1.5 billion, according to a filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and announcement from the company. Twitter, which went public in Nov. 2013, is offering two sets of convertible notes for $650 million each, one due to mature in 2019 and […]

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Online Video Marketing Guide

The Distilled Guide to Online Video Marketing

The Marketing Week – Marketing Week

The Marketing WeekMarketing WeekThe latest Internet Advertising Bureau UK Digital Ad Spend report found marketers spent a fifth (20 per cent) of their digital display budgets on native content in the first half of 2014. There is no period on period comparison available as the IAB and …and more »

How To Promote Your Music Using Google's Hangouts On Air (Hypebot)

By Yannick Ilunga from CD Baby's DIY Musician. When it comes to online promotion, there is a social media that is often ignored by musicians: Google Plus. While its potential has been recognized and utilized by many entrepreneurs around the world, for quite many musicians Google Plus is still unexplored territory. However, while it is true that it may be trailing behind Twitter and Facebook in popularity and usage, Google Plus offers incredible opportunities for promotion and music marketing through the so-called Hangouts on Air. What makes Hangouts on Air so cool is the fact that they can easily be…

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The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Video Marketing - Onlinevideo.net ...


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Video Marketing for Small Business

Video Marketing For Small Business : Why Businesses Should Be Using it

22 Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses With Limited Budgets – Business 2 Community

Business 2 Community22 Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses With Limited BudgetsBusiness 2 CommunityCreate Instructional Videos. Video content is really valuable, and while it can cost big bucks to get professional YouTube videos produced, there's nothing wrong with giving it a shot yourself or hiring a film student off Craigslist. Wistia offers a …and more »

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Video Marketing Training

At New York Comic Con, Growing Pains Come With the Crowds – New York Times

New York TimesAt New York Comic Con, Growing Pains Come With the CrowdsNew York TimesIt runs the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, Calif., the U.F.C. (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Fan Expo in Las Vegas and several video game conventions. It has global ambitions … “The convention scene has …and more »

Leading by Example (Carnegie Mellon)

Micah Rosa (TPR'11) came to Carnegie Mellon University determined to become a leader — and his CMU experience is helping him achieve just that. At age 21, the young entrepreneur founded Shoutside Media, a Pittsburgh-area marketing startup dedicated to helping small and midsize companies optimize their online presence.

"My dad always said that you don't go to college to get a job, you go to college to become a good citizen," Rosa said. "You learn how to contribute, become a community leader and take the country forward."

The North Carolina native first experienced Carnegie Mellon at age 13, when he attended the Summer Academy for Math and Science (SAMS). The rigorous, skill- building program is offered by the Carnegie Mellon Advising Resource Center (CMARC), an organization committed to diversity and empowering students to excel.

Following his early high school graduation, Rosa enrolled as a CMU student at the age of 16. He chose the Tepper School of Business after hearing an inspiring presentation given by Milton Cofield, executive director of the Tepper School BSBA program.

Rosa also remained involved with CMARC.

"CMARC helped me with a lot of good opportunities," he said. "It was populated with good people that …

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The Unboxing of Beauty on YouTube: New Brand-in-a-box Marketing – ReelSEO

The Unboxing of Beauty on YouTube: New Brand-in-a-box MarketingReelSEOThe unboxing phenomenon has become an essential tool in the marketing of cosmetics and beauty products. For those unfamiliar with the format, unboxing videos are when YouTubers share the unpackacking of a special product or group of products.

Tips: Grow Your Business on a Budget (The Green Biz Journal)

Article by Kelly Sims It's one of the biggest challenges facing small business owners: how do you grow your business on a restricted budget? After all, they say "it takes money to make money". But, how do you get the word out about your business, when you don't have the budget to advertise? And, how […]

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Business Video Marketing

6 Clever and Offbeat Marketing Tactics Your Business Can Afford – BusinessNewsDaily

BusinessNewsDaily6 Clever and Offbeat Marketing Tactics Your Business Can AffordBusinessNewsDailyCreating a YouTube video as a part of your marketing campaign is a great way to get noticed. With video content, you have the opportunity to get creative, show a side of your business that your customers and clients may not always see, and, of course, …

Another Story Of A 'Fake' Brilliant Inventor? Is 'Scorpion Walter O'Brien' A Real Computer Security Genius? (Techdirt)

There's apparently a new TV show on CBS called _Scorpion_ that has received mixed-to-decent reviews. It supposedly is about some computer security geniuses/outcasts who help "solve complex, global problems." However, Annalee Newitz's description of the stupidest, most batshit insane hacker scene ever from the first episode, suggests that the show is not worth watching. In the past few years, it had been kind of nice to see Hollywood actually seem to have some clue about accurately portraying hacking in some situations, but that's all apparently been tossed out the window with _Scorpion_. Even if you don't read Newitz's story (or view the video clip), just know it involves an ethernet cable hanging from a flying plane with a car racing beneath it to download some backup software needed by the airport so planes can land. Yeah.

A big part of the show's marketing is the claim that the story is partially based on the life of one of the show's executive producers, Walter O'Brien. CBS News has an article talking up these claims of O'Brien's amazing feats, helping out its parent company, CBS, who broadcasts the show. But… For such a "genius," many of O'Brien's …

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Real Estate Video Marketing

Ten of the Best PPC Hacks Out There – Small Business Trends

Small Business TrendsTen of the Best PPC Hacks Out ThereSmall Business TrendsThis is a great feature for local marketers, as well. You can place a higher bid value for … Using in-market segments, you can show your real estate video to a person Google has identified as already in the market to buy a house, for example. You can …and more »

4 reason why marketers should love the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus (Venturebeat?format=xml)

With 10 million devices sold in just three days, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch is a record-breaking success. Apple reported four million pre-orders and on top of that, thousands of the Apple Faithful (and those who profit off of Apple’s fans in global grey markets) lined up to purchase the device upon it’s […]

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Success in Network Marketing

BTN Welcomes Students as part of Chicago Ideas Week – Big Ten Network

Big Ten NetworkBTN Welcomes Students as part of Chicago Ideas WeekBig Ten NetworkThursday, for the second consecutive year, Big Ten Network will host a group of high school students in its Chicago studios as part of Chicago Ideas Week (CIW). BTN has partnered with CIW YOU(th) to host 15 high school students from Horizons for Youth …

Instagram has a drug problem (Venturebeat?format=xml)

Instagram has ushered in a golden age for the drug trade. You read that correctly: Thousands of accounts — perhaps many more — are currently selling marijuana, prescription pills, ecstasy, and more in the Internet equivalent of an open-air drug market. It operates like the notorious Silk Road (a marketplace for anonymous, and often illicit, trade) — except it's a thousand times […]

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Top 10 Network Marketing Companies

Is Network Marketing the Answer to Your Too-Small Nest Egg? – DailyFinance

Is Network Marketing the Answer to Your Too-Small Nest Egg?DailyFinanceThese businesses are also called network marketing, multilevel marketing, networking, direct sales and the not-so-flattering pyramid scheme. In essence, you sell a product line or group … I'd respond to that by encouraging you to look at any large …

Online Marketing News: Unpopular Is Less Popular On Social, C-Suite Doesn’t Get Digital, Facebook For The Media (Top Rank Blog)

Social Networking Accounts For (at Least) 28% of All Media Time Spent Online [STUDY] – Internet users now spend a daily average of 6.09 hours on online media, and more than one full quarter of all that time that is used by social networking on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, reveals a […]

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Top 50 Network Marketing Companies

Your community: Feeding America Southwest Virginia wins $60000 grant – Roanoke Times (blog)

Your community: Feeding America Southwest Virginia wins $60000 grantRoanoke Times (blog)But, Nelms wrote, that with “great community support and a herculean effort” at Roanoke College, Virginia Western Community College, Hollins University and Emory & Henry College, “We not only made the top 50, but finished in the #13 position! … To …and more »

WellPoint Inc. (WLP): New Analyst Report from Zacks Equity Research – Zacks Equity Research Report (Zacks)

WellPoint's strength lies in its strong membership, successful divestitures, prudent capital management and modest cash position, paving the way for inorganic growth initiatives and capital deployment. The second quarter earnings surpassed the Zacks Consensus Estimate, although it declined year- over-year on higher expenses and poor performance across the Commercial & Specialty and Other segments.

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Network Marketing Ideas

7 Spectacular Crowdfunding Fails – Gizmodo

Gizmodo7 Spectacular Crowdfunding FailsGizmodoI have no hope for the Smarty Ring – I work professionally in the realm of electronics, had high hopes with some of their ideas, but this totally fell flat due to lack of updates/progress – especially when supporters are able to help with the little …

10 Mostly No-Cost Music Marketing Tactics (Hypebot)

By Sari Delmar from the SonicBids Blog. So, you’re looking for more exposure for your band, but you’d rather spend your money on a new reverb pedal than on an extensive marketing plan. Thankfully, there are lots of ways for you to market your band without having to spend a dime (or maybe just shelling out one or two). When marketing your music, saturation is key – your name should be in as many places as humanly possible because, to put it simply, people are looking everywhere. You never want to miss the opportunity to be found. Before we dig…

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Network Marketing Business

Three Tips to Help Grow A Network Marketing Business – WebWire (press release)

Three Tips to Help Grow A Network Marketing BusinessWebWire (press release)The first step that will help you grow your network marketing business is you need to have a simple marketing system in place. The piece of the puzzle that is missing is having a capture page to build a relationship with your leads. A capture page is a …

Instagram has a drug problem (Venturebeat?format=xml)

Instagram has ushered in a golden age for the drug trade. You read that correctly: Thousands of accounts — perhaps many more — are currently selling marijuana, prescription pills, ecstasy, and more in the Internet equivalent of an open-air drug market. It operates like the notorious Silk Road (a marketplace for anonymous, and often illicit, trade) — except it's a thousand times […]

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Avoid Online Scams


Security is the degree of resistance to, or protection from, harm. It applies to any vulnerable and valuable asset, such as a person,

For bears, too much protection can backfire
Boston Globe, on Sat, 04 Oct 2014 21:34:08 -0700
But bears are species where too much protection can backfire, especially as exploding, roaming populations start to encroach into what humans consider to be “our” territory. For Fahey, the game warden, the referendum is a public safety issue. In May he …

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Avoid Online Scams


Environmentalism is a broad philosophy , ideology and social movement regarding concerns for environmental protection and improvement of

McCormack: Enough with the consumer protection
BurlingtonFreePress.com, on Sun, 05 Oct 2014 18:18:45 -0700
"I make no apologies for enforcing our consumer protection laws," Sorrell said. "If you look the other way, where is the justice?" he said of his decision to get involved with other states in suing 5-Hour ENERGY. Sorrell also disputed McCormack's view

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Avoid Online Scams

Computer security

Computer security (also known as cybersecurity or IT security) is information security as applied to computing devices such as computer s

Social Security Q&A: When Will I Receive My Maximum Benefit if I Was Born in …
Forbes, on Sun, 28 Sep 2014 23:08:04 -0700
Social Security may be your largest or one of your largest assets. How you manage it, by deciding which benefits to collect and when, can make an absolutely huge difference to your lifetime benefits. And those with the highest past covered earnings

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Web Directories Effect Your Sites Rankings

Lots of website owners do not understand the value of directory sites, some even concern if directory sites work in their total advertising campaign for their website. Many online companies can enhance web traffic, probability and positions on online search engine by simply sending websites to popular directory sites.

By sending your internet site to directory sites there are so many benefits related to this. The very first benefit to getting totally free traffic from web directory sites is that it is a cost-effective way to obtain website visitors.

Search engines continuously seek new sites utilizing robotics or spiders, they follow the links on sites to other websites, and they then upgrade their database with the new site that was found. A great way to market your website is to develop complimentary incoming links that point to your web site, as soon as you do this visitors will certainly see your website. Posting links on internet directory sites draws website users and builds one way links.

On an internet directory, the connected to numerous websites are put in groups depending upon their subject. Numerous major online search engine take a look at link appeal as a consider computing the position of a website, so to accomplish a great ranking you will need to build appropriate links back to your website, this is among the most important advertising techniques when it pertains to optimization. When first starting with a new site it is tough determine ways to get links pointing back to your site. There are so many ways to do this, article, complimentary directory sites, mutual link exchange, marketing, post to online forums and publishing to blog sites.

Obviously, if you have a business venture being operated on your website, the requirement for traffic becomes an outright need, because without traffic, nobody goes to the site meanings you get no business. Numerous webmaster don't comprehend the value of web directories, the reason you need to include your website is due to the fact that the web directory sites are indexed and your link will certainly appear in searches, plus you get a link back to your site. When you are trying to make best use of the traffic that comes to your site, every little bit of promo assists and internet directory sites can assist you acquire a big portion of that 20 % of web traffic you have actually been missing out on.

One technique of traffic is recommendations from web directories. Lots of webmasters utilize directory sites to get traffic to their sites, the reason for this is that a lot of are complimentary however others all you have to do is position a reciprocal link on your website and they will connected to you or purchase showcased links and they put the links promptly on their directory site.

One of the best directory sites to get noted in is called Dmoz. Numerous website owners provide their sites in this directory site, once Dmoz accepts the site the website ranking go up in the search engine outcomes extremely swiftly. Google and other search engines see Dmoz as an extremely reputable human edited directory. It is totally free however you need to follow the guidelines of the directory site or your site will not be accepted. Why stop at Dmoz there are many other directories with great page rank. Send to numerous as you can, the even more links the better.

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Articles Are A Good Way Of Getting One Way Links

When you distribute your articles to the numerous short article entry sites they will certainly take your short articles and keep the links that you put on the post undamaged, this enables you to receive links back to your website. Sometime webmaster use your articles but do not keep your links undamaged, this does not occur that commonly however it does take place.

When you are writing an article there are various parts that you must realize, lead generation, promo and branding, these are crucial for your optimization efforts. Make certain the post that you are composing is focused on the primary topic, if you do not describe the topic individuals will certainly be puzzled when checking out the post.

Just how much traffic can you obtain from sending posts to post directory sites? Undoubtedly, every internet site requires traffic, without traffic you make no sales, no sales indicates no cash, so it is imperative to get site visitors to your site. Lots of webmaster do not comprehend that the more content that you contribute to your site the much better it is, material is king, the more content the even more time the online search engine will certainly see and the even more visitors you will certainly receive.

Writers submit their short articles to short article websites where webmasters who need material will certainly take the posts and position them on their sites to beef it up and make it appear like they have a complete material site. More content methods you can generate income online quickly.

Even more articles you send the links you build back to your web site. As soon as you article is on numerous different websites your link is exposed to numerous different people and they click your link and gave your website. The even more web designers that utilize your short article, the even more times your link will certainly appear on the Web. Submitting articles is benefits are numerous, you get trustworthiness, quick presence, traffic and one way links back to your website. Making use of article submission services you can enhance your one means links and the exposure of your website and continue to rank better each time your send a short article in the online search engine. You simply write or buy a post and have links to your site and different pages in your website embedded in the post. A terrific way to construct natural and permanent links to your sites is with sending posts to other web sites each which contains several live links indicating your company' site.

Do not underestimate the value of those links from your posts back to your web site. The even more links you have back to your website, the higher your websites increases in the search rankings. That means, you are creating back links from their internet site to yours.

By having your posts spread out all over the internet on post websites you will have people read your article and they will click on the links that will certainly lead them to your internet site. By composing posts it is possible to establish enough links all over the internet to get free advertising. The internet is loaded with links to post entry sites for you to send your articles.

When building your link advertising strategy posts is one of the very best means to increase search engine rankings, do not rush to compose all articles at once, be consistent and disperse them over time.

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Promote and Increase Link Popularity for Your Web Site by Writing Articles

Webmasters and newsletter publishers all over the world are continuously looking for new quality content. There are many web sites that meet this requirement by supplying pre-licensed posts. The requirements for using pre-licensed material is that the publisher needs to leave the author info and any links undamaged. Publishers are not allowed to modify the articles.

Shaun Campos, Account Coordinator
Source: Flickr

Many webmasters (publishers) will certainly go to the complimentary content sites to look for short articles that they can make use of on their web sites, blog sites, ezines, or newsletters.

How can this advantage somebody who has to promote their website?

If you can write a helpful and beneficial article and publish it on a totally free material website you are well on your means to enhancing traffic and popularity for your site. Every short article that you write will certainly have your very own author details at the end. This author information will include a link to your own website. When suitable you can consist of a link within the body. Use the links sparingly as you do not really want the short article to be viewed as "spam". The majority of free content sites will certainly not allow affiliate links to be used within your article. As a policy try to compose short articles that are interesting and interesting. Do not compose an article that is just a "sales pitch". Publishers will certainly not be most likely to use an article that is written just to sell a product or service.

The more well written the short article is, the more attractive it is for other web designers and the more it will certainly be used. That suggests more and more back links to your website. This is naturally an excellent method to enhance traffic to your website. This makes short article composing a supreme marketing device.

A major consider determining your page rank and search engine positions is link popularity. Link popularity describes the relevancy and number of links that indicate your site from others. Basically speaking, the more inbound links you have the better your position will be. This is an important advantage to writing short articles for material. Each time your post is released on a website you will immediately have an inbound link! And since publishers attempt to choose just those short articles that match their subject matter and audience then the majority of those links will be originating from relevant sites.

To maximize the link appeal factor it is necessary to use pertinent keywords in the text links that you make use of. This is a fundamental part of INTERNET MARKETING or Search Engine Optimization. As an example, instead of utilizing "check out my website" as a text link use something like "Discover more about Writing Articles to Enhance your Site Traffic and Link Popularity"

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The Future Of Article Marketing – What 2008 Reserves For Article Marketing

Before I get into the future of article marketing, let me first talk about the past history of article marketing. In fact, let me go back even further. Over the last few years, as the internet has made many people millions of dollars each, people have tried to find easier and better ways of making that money. For example, when email marketing became popular, people began to abuse email marketing, sending millions of unsolicited emails daily, raking in large fortunes doing so. Now it is practically impossible to do that, and it is even more difficult to be an honest email marketer.

Next came advertising – when pop up and then pop under ads came out, many people made fortunes advertising using them, then they became overused and their effectiveness fell apart. The same thing has happened with the pay per click programs – my opinion on those right now is that the people making the most money with ppc programs are the ones who are selling templates for web sites!

Another area of incredible profits over the years has been search engine marketing – taking different measures to get your web site into the top ten for a particular keyword. The search engines have done an incredibly effective job of eliminating junk and computer generated content from the top ten results.

Now, people online are often looking for good, original content, since they cannot computer generate it and make it pass for search engine worthy content. Enter article marketing. Many web sites are willing to take your content, personally written by you, and use it as content for their web sites. Because this was an incredibly easy way to get around the content problem, article directories popped up like crazy over the years, with their peak proliferation in 2006. Literally hundreds of article directories popped up, trying to get people to submit content to them.

The result of that has been interesting. Most of the web sites that were created for that purpose, are in my opinion, only good for creating multiple back links to your own web sites. Of course, since that is highly important, the web sites continue to grow with original content. But what has happened is that a few article directories have kind of risen to the top of the article directory chain, achieving pageranks of 6 or 7, creating an interesting place in terms of search engine optimization techniques, and an easy way to get your own url listed on a pr 6 or 7 page. Even more important than that, I think, is the opportunity to have your personal content on the top ten pages of search engines, due to the page ranks of the directories to which you submit. This means that, without any optimization on your own web pages, you can achieve top ten rankings for your own content, and of course you have links back to your own web page on each of these article pages.

Now, why do I think that this is so interesting for 2007 and 2008? Because the article directories that have page rank 6 and 7 are somewhat careful about the content on their web pages. What this means is that the only way for someone to play in this game is to write their own content. That means that you are on equal ground with everyone else out there, except perhaps the person who is willing to pay a team of people to write their own content – but even this content would probably not be as effective as the personally written content. You see, writing compelling copy is a skill that is learned, and I think that most internet marketers will not be willing to go through the process of teaching that skill to paid workers.

I think that another thing that is going to be very interesting for 2007 and 2008 in article marketing is that since article writing is such a laborious task and cannot be reasonably automated, that only the hardest workers of all will be involved in it. This means, in my opinion, that it cannot become abused, at least not with the highly ranked article directories that are responsible for most of the profits derived from article marketing.

I think that for 2007 and 2008, if you are willing to work hard and write consistently for a few hours a day, you can achieve incredible wealth through article marketing. Now, the income itself will not come directly from the article marketing – it will come in whatever field of internet marketing that you are promoting and driving traffic to in your article marketing.

So, for example, you might be a list builder – I think you can grow huge lists online in 2007 and 2008 using article marketing. Maybe you are a pay per click marketer – I think that 2007 and 2008 are going to be great years to send traffic via article marketing to your ppc web sites, and I think article marketing can generate huge returns for you their. I think that anything you do online that requires traffic can be maximized in 2007 and 2008 using article marketing.
Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to article marketing success, ‘Your Article Writing and Promotion Guide‘

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Optimize Your Site For Search Engine Crawlers

In order for a company to grow and end up being successful through the web, it should first find a method to market itself and reach the audience it wants to sell to. To do this, the very best method has constantly been search engine optimization. This is a challenging advertising technique due to all the options that it provides novices. Follow some standard technique standards and you will have a greater rate of success.

Spark Printing & Design
Source: Flickr

Use alt tags for images and period aspect titles to your advantage. Online search engine look at a website's code, not exactly what is in fact noticeable to a user, so if your keyword is "cat" and there is a picture of a calico cat on your website, using an alt tag of "a calico cat" for the image will certainly expose the search engine to your keyword even if the user never ever sees it. The title of a period element works in the very same method.

Another fantastic search engine optimization tip is to make a simple robots. txt file and upload it. These files notify search engines of what you enable or do not enable them to add. Perform a Google search to learn how to establish these files. They just take roughly five minutes to establish, and they can be a fantastic addition for you when utilizing search engine optimization.

Include a reliable keyword-rich description in image 'alt' tags so that Google will clearly understand exactly what the image is, and will link the information on your page. You can alspo include keywords in your link tags to let Google understand where the page leads to, and which keywords you 'd like it to be ranked for.

To produce more traffic to your website and to enhance your standings with online search engine, you can write and send articles to online article directory sites in the old original methods. The directories make their articles readily available to many individuals who may read your entries and follow the links back to your site. This has the possibility to bring more  traffic to your website far into the future as these links remain active for several years.

Use your keyword expressions intelligently when attempting to compose content. Expressions are a lot longer than just one or two keywords, so they definitely keep an eye out of place when you begin to pack 3, four or more into one article. One long tail keyword is sufficient to get the job done for the typical piece of content.

Keywords are essential to search engine optimization, however look out how many you put. If you put a crazy quantity of keywords on your website, it will certainly get labeled as spam. Search engine spiders are set to overlook websites that are guilty of positioning their keywords too regularly on their website. Use excellent judgement in your keyword use.

These are simply a few excellent ways to build the foundation of a successful empire. They need to be followed even when you have actually progressed into the CEO of a million dollar company. This is due to the fact that INTERNET MARKETING will always be a powerful and growing means to market your business that can keep your company afloat in even the toughest cost-effective times.

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