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BusinessNewsDaily6 Clever and Offbeat Marketing Tactics Your Business Can AffordBusinessNewsDailyCreating a YouTube video as a part of your marketing campaign is a great way to get noticed. With video content, you have the opportunity to get creative, show a side of your business that your customers and clients may not always see, and, of course, …

Another Story Of A 'Fake' Brilliant Inventor? Is 'Scorpion Walter O'Brien' A Real Computer Security Genius? (Techdirt)

There's apparently a new TV show on CBS called _Scorpion_ that has received mixed-to-decent reviews. It supposedly is about some computer security geniuses/outcasts who help "solve complex, global problems." However, Annalee Newitz's description of the stupidest, most batshit insane hacker scene ever from the first episode, suggests that the show is not worth watching. In the past few years, it had been kind of nice to see Hollywood actually seem to have some clue about accurately portraying hacking in some situations, but that's all apparently been tossed out the window with _Scorpion_. Even if you don't read Newitz's story (or view the video clip), just know it involves an ethernet cable hanging from a flying plane with a car racing beneath it to download some backup software needed by the airport so planes can land. Yeah.

A big part of the show's marketing is the claim that the story is partially based on the life of one of the show's executive producers, Walter O'Brien. CBS News has an article talking up these claims of O'Brien's amazing feats, helping out its parent company, CBS, who broadcasts the show. But… For such a "genius," many of O'Brien's …

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