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Microsoft CEO: Women shouldn't ask for raises (w/video) – Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Microsoft CEO: Women shouldn't ask for raises (w/video)Santa Rosa Press DemocratIn this Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014, file photo, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaks to students at the Talent India 2014 program in New Delhi. Nadella's foot-in-mouth statement that women shouldn't ask for raises echoed throughout the tech industry and …and more »

The Worst Legal Advice Ever, Presented By A Clueless Blogger For An Insurance Company (Techdirt)

The internet is chock full of bad legal advice, but it's a bit odd to see it posted on a site for a large insurance company. Insurance company The Hartford* apparently has a website full of "small business" advice. This, by itself, is not a bad idea. Providing good content that people want is something that many companies should be doing. But the key here is "good content." Which brings us to the following article that's been passed around a few times among lawyers on Twitter. Officially, it's an article describing "5 Easy Ways to Get Sued Over Online Content & Social Media" written by Deb McAlister-Holland. Here's the stunning thing about it: nearly every word in the thing is _dead wrong_. Honestly, there's so much that's flat out wrong that we wouldn't even have the time to go through it all, unless we did basically nothing else today. So we'll just pick a few of the more ridiculous low-lights. It starts off with an unsubstantiated claim that the CFAA is the cause of "much of the rise in litigation," but then jumps right into the fire with a discussion on copyright infringement that …

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Streams of income are the best ways to create long term wealth

Streams of income are the best ways to create long term wealth

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